Why you need to go on a Youth Camp adventure

canyoning-toursWho said that camping is a type of holiday only for lovers of the sea or relaxation in the shade of a leafy grove? We have many examples of villages that organize excursions by bike or on horseback, boat trips, diving and sports tournaments of all kinds. If you love pure adrenaline and believe the classic camping activities as simple diversions for spineless, this is the right time to immerse yourself in the adventure because the demand for this kind of activity is always higher and an ever-increasing number of campsites overlook the possibility of offering "extreme" attractions. But what activities are we talking about precisely?


It consists in descending with a rope through the channels of a dizzy canyon, passing natural pools full of water, and then swimming for tens of meters in the dark inside various caves and natural bays. A new way to experience nature in the name of adventure. All this at reasonable prices that vary depending on the location.

Rafting, hydrose and torrentism

Perfect activities for spending holidays in contact with nature and to experience the adrenaline of extreme sports. With these sports it will be possible to cross rivers that cross entire valleys. For the more adventurous there are also rafting, hydrospeed and canyoning courses, where you will always be accompanied by expert guides. You can choose to face the rapids of a river on rafting rafts, descend the river on an aquatic bob or climb the steep gorges and rocks hanging from a rope. Also in this case the price may vary depending on the place and the seasonal offers.


In addition to the typical horse riding and cycling, if your goal is to go looking for adventure in the mountains, you can not exempt yourself from the opportunity to practice climbing, both on rock and indoor (if the chosen campsite offers the facilities). It will be an unforgettable experience as vertiginous but it will be worth it. Here, the costs increase slightly but on the other hand you can use free equipment and any support services. Tarzaning, ropes course, shaking and ponting. Extreme sports in all respects but not only, even the latest generation of activities such as shaking – which consists of climbing a 10-meter course on small holds- are being implemented. The ponting, however, is a sort of pendulum jump in the woods; Tarzaring, an acrobatic route consisting of Tibetan bridges, pendulums, Tyrolean crosses, cable cars, Nepalese carriages and passages inside an alpine canyon; and finally the ropes course, a walk on passages of different difficulty placed on a 12-meter-high tree structure. By themselves, the activities do not cost a lot, but prices could increase a lot if you decide to stay for a long time.

Mountain biking

It is no coincidence that more and more campsites are looking for professional mountain bikers and certified instructors for their activities. Recent surveys have shown that mountain bike trails are becoming popular among summer and winter camp activities. Whether you are an enthusiast or a beginner, do not miss the chance to take a bike outing in nature. This is one of the cheaper options you can do at a campsite.

You just have to let us know how it went. Good luck!

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