Are you crazy enough to try these extreme sports?

extreme-sportsCuriosity and bravery have always been the cause of humans doing some of the craziest things on earth. When these two traits find themselves possessed by an adrenaline junky, then expect something more than just a couple of stunts. Humans are always trying new things that are both risky and fun. Some of these men end up having awful accidents and dreadful experiences just in the name of pushing it beyond the limits. But then without these exceptional people, we wouldn't be talking of bungee jumping, skydiving, and other extreme sports that are both awesome and thrilling, so thanks and no thanks. If anyone thinks he/she has seen it all, then the following extreme sports that are still evolving will give them cold feet.

Cheese rolling

In this sport, the participants are expected to roll down a very steep slope. The injury is unavoidable and very common and so is the breaking of a few ribs if they are not careful. The first participant to cross the last line wins the eight pound double Gloucester cheese.


This sport is all about balancing on a tightrope as a person walks along it. This rope is usually raised above the ground depending on the participant's agreement. If he/she is unlucky, missing a single step on the rope may send him/her straight to the hospital with no questions asked. It is both fun and enjoyable.

Base jumping

It's like this extreme sport came along after people thought skydiving wasn't scary enough. This sport involves jumping from very high structures, hills or mountains. The scary bit is that in base jumping -the jumper doesn't have time to calculate the safety height to deploy a parachute. The ground tends to come faster thus scary.


Also known as underwater hockey. This extreme sport requires the participants to play hockey- underwater, in a pool. The goals are located in opposite ends of the pool and participants have sticks for pushing the puck. They also have fins, swimsuits and snorkeling masks for breathing.

Wife carrying

In this sport, each competitor has to carry a female partner behind his back. You can use piggyback, fireman's lift or Estonian style for carrying the female. All the participants have to make sure that they have carried their female partners throughout the race. Falls are at times experienced.


This is a very fun extreme sport. The interested parties are put in a human-sized hamster ball and then- by the laws of gravity can Zorb to any low point the ball decends. This can be done on water or land. If anyone wants an extremely fun sport on his/her bucket list, then Zorbing is the best choice.

Free solo climbing

This is very dangerous and very exciting. An individual has to climb a rock, hill or mountain without any safety gear. The only thing his or her has is good luck and please don't fall mentality from those watching. Any miscalculated move can result in a fatal fall.

The Cage of Death

It is a very frightening sport and very ideal for those people who can withstand complete terror. An individual is put in safety glass and plunged into the salty waters that have some of the deadliest reptiles on the planet.

Wing Walking

For those people who have always dreamt of flying and touching the clouds then this is the best extreme sport to participate in. It involves an individual being fastened to an airplane, and the pilot has to do everything possible to scare him/her.

Volcano boarding

Anyone with a normal mind runs away from a volcano but not a curious brave adrenaline junky. This sport involves individuals descending a steep volcano at high speeds. It is very dangerous and insane. It is often said that life involves taking risks. Some people take it a bit too far without even knowing. But then these are some of the best practices that make the world amazing and fun.

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