Base is committed to the safety of its clients and their bikes so we have implemented the following safety measures:

  • Passengers shall be seated towards the front of the van, if possible.
  • The driver and all passengers will wear seat belts at all times. Vehicle does not move unless everyone is buckled in.
  • Tire conditions and pressure will be checked before each trip.
  • Weather will be considered in pre-trip planning. Trips should be suspended or cancelled for hazardous driving conditions like fog, heavy rain, snow, ice and high winds.
  • The Base van is equipped with stability control (ESC) feature.
  • All drivers must be Base employees, who are at least 21 years old, have at least 5 years driving experience, a clean driving record and a class 4 license.
  • The Van will not be operated between 11pm and 6:00am.
  • For every 150 pounds of gear placed in the van, one occupant must be removed to avoid overloading. Gear must be safely stored.
  • Speeds will be kept at or below posted truck speed limits on highways and 90km/h or posted speed limit, whichever is less, on rural roads or highways.
  • Absolutely no cell phone use when driving; music must be kept a low volume; minimal conversation with passengers; maximum 8 hours driving in 24 hr period

The Base van is equipped will all bike tools needed to keep on having fun even if we are victim of a malfunction or a breakage. Base carries an inventory of all major bike parts and fix bikes on the fly.


Fresh fruits, snacks and drink are always be available for the van riders.

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August 11th 2014
Ages: 15 to 18
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Ages: 9 to 17
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Ages: 14 to 17
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