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Q: Can I get a Children's Fitness Tax Credit by signing my child on one of your camps?
A: YES YOU CAN! Find out more by simply following this link to the Canada Revenue Agency's website.

Q: Where do we meet? What time does the camp end?
A: Each camp has its own Pre Camp Info Document so all the details you need to remember are listed under one sheet.

Q: What if we live outside of Calgary? Can my child still attend a camp with Base?
A: Of course, but some programs are better than others for you. For instance, The Okanagan Attack is an overnight camp so all you have to do is drop him/her off in Calgary for day one and pick him/her up again 7 days later.

The other good option would the The Localz camp if you have family living in Calgary. On that camp, we come back to Calgary every night for 5 days in a row so your child could stay with family or friends.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: We will get out there and have fun, rain is part of riding a bike so camps carry on as usual. The only time we will shut down is when there will be risks of thunderstorms. Please make sure to send your child with proper rain gear so he/she can stay comfortable during the ride.

In the event of a very nasty weather pattern coming up, expect a call from us either the night or few hours before the start time. We will offer options as to reimburse or re-schedule the event.

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August 11th 2014
Ages: 15 to 18
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JULY 28th 2014
Ages: 9 to 17
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JULY 7th 2014
Ages: 9 to 14
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AUGUST 4th 2014
Ages: 14 to 17
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Ages: 18 and up
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