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It takes a very special team to make Thebase as complete as it is, though we’re still growing. Currently our team takes extreme sporting on Moose Mountain very serious, while many aspects of reviving youth camp programs in the area are also key to local parks and services in Alberta. But for now- here is our small but humble team.

Asher Andrews: Website editor

Given that I’m a firm believer of proper training when it comes to Mountain Biking, I have always been just as extreme in regards to how I like to ride. I practically grew up on Moose Mountain and every season always has new challenges. This is why Thebase is a big supporter of MMBTS and PMBIA. My personal need to bring you the best info possible has without a doubt created a new form of outdoor sporting culture in the wake of extreme sports.

Kari Nelson: Head writer

I started snowboarding as a teenager and always enjoyed Moose Mountain winter trips. Like most people in Alberta, it’s normal to gravitate towards nature. Nobody knew that extreme sports would become so popular- but they did! I write about these new trends and how so many youth programs are booming like never before.

Debra Yates: Special segments

You never know what is going to be the next big trend, and go figure- that’s my job! Moose Mountain is host to lots of sporting events with many of them featured tournaments. I’m covering the latest mountain bike and extreme sport happenings, so you’ll know about the who, what, and where of the past and present featured events.

Kyle Garcia: Sporting and product review

While most people love extreme sports, there are aspects to the sport that make the gear and equipment vital to the activity. My reviews of the latest equipment not only add value to the sport itself, but also safety to the person who might otherwise need them too. Check out the newest articles for the hottest new gear.

Do you have a Moose Mountain story you want to tell, we want to hear all about it! Let us know what you think of our website or anything that is missing. It’s important that we improve our website as often as possible so your comments are always welcome. Contact us here:

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